Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

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The film so good, it enabled Mark Kermode to forgive Johnny Depp for Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End.

Although Mark was enthusiastic about the movie, the review of the film actually focused on a discussion about who Johnny Depp sounded like in the clip. Mark was convinced it was David Bowie in the early phase of his career, when he was copying Anthony Newley - and indeed, Depp confirmed to Mark that "everyone says David Bowie, but actually the one person I was taking inspiration from was Anthony Newley." (Mark was very pleased to have been right about this, which may account for why it formed such a large part of the film review).

After the film went on general release, news stories emerged of some viewers asking for refunds after going to see it on the basis of the trailer, which had failed to disclose that Sweeney Todd was a musical. They were therefore bemused when Depp and Helena Period Drama began bursting into song in the middle of their sentences. This prompted Simon Mayo to suggest the BBFC create an M certificate: M (musical) - work is likely to contain scenes of intense singing. Coincidentally, Mark felt that the BBFC actually made a rare mis-step with the actual classification, suggesting it should have been 15 rather than 18 as all the violence, throat-slitting and cannibalism was clearly theatrical.