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"Call me old-fashioned - I think it's just disgraceful and disgusting" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Judd Apatapatow-produced teen comedy that received rave reviews from most other critics but was utterly detested by Mark, who saw it as a simply a remake of Revenge Of The Nerds - except that Revenge Of The Nerds hadn't had a "bunch of middle-aged critics who got up and said, "oh it's so funny and post-modern and wonderful and we should all stop being snobby about it because it's really clever"."

Mark felt the film's message is that the ugly, stupid, drunken, porn-obsessed guy can get the beautiful girl, as long as he quits drinking. He considered it so vile that not only did the scriptwriters need help, watching the film would make teenage girls want to become separatists and move to the jungle: "the dialogue is chauvinistic in a way that if Andrea Dworkin had written the script, people would say, "you've over-egging it Andrea, men aren't that bad"."