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"Straw Dogs with Danny Dyer... I can't believe the funding or the will to make this film existed" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

The film that gave a new meaning to the phrase "rifle butt".

British rape revenge fantasy that would be virtually forgotten were it not for one thing - it gave the world Mark Kermode's infamous Danny Dyer impression. (The impression was actually requested by a listener named Jeremy, although whether this was Jeremy Dillon is unknown.)

The film's review occurred in the context of a recent change in the law called the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, which had banned movie publicity from quoting critics out of context. Mark's friend Alan Jones was quoted on the poster saying the film was "Shocking, disturbing, extraordinary" – and Mark said he would have liked to have seen the sentence in which that appeared. Thus, Mark's scathing review was turned into a glowing appreciation by listeners. Darren Haroo managed to do this:

"I love... Straightheads. I was... very impressed... by it. It is a British rape revenge thriller... It's... "shocking, disturbing, extraordinary"... It's really, I think... making a serious point... about the nature of violence."