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"There is no excuse" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Martin in Old Portsmouth perhaps best described the content of St Trinian's, when he wrote in asking if it was a Good Film in its own right or whether its audience would be entirely a "leering pervies who want to go and lech at a bunch of women dressed as schoolgirls wearing all stockings and suspenders and that."

"A great big crashing travesty" of a film released right at the end of 2007, a year Mark thought was just about the worst ever for movies. Rupert Everett is Kenny Everett and not even the appearance of Stephen Fry nor Toby Jones can save it. Mark's review started off very level and even-handed, with a confession that he had laughed once, at a scene in which someone said to Russell Brand "who are you?" and he replied "I'm German." However, a brewing rant soon gathered force to such an extent that it continued well into Nick Duncalf's travel bulletin.

Andrew Collins, reviewing St Trinian's in the Box Office Top 10 the week after, recommended people choose getting vomiting fever over seeing the film.

St Trinian's is a sine qua non for the 2008 film Wild Child. Wild Child, however, didn't even manage to be St Trinian's. Mark said that given how utterly terrible St Trinian's was, this was like the Woody Allen joke about two women criticising a restaurant: "The food here is terrible." "Yes - and in such small portions!"