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Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, the chosen team of Simon Mayo.

Bourne movie director Paul Greengrass is a Crystal Palace fan. Greengrass, when being interviewed on the Daily Mayo along with MATT DAMON, took great pleasure in Tottenham's recent form and wound Simon up; specifically making the pledge that "I have a rule in my house that I will make a new Bourne film when Tottenham finish in the top four." He also got MATT DAMON to join in with some of the put-downs of how sad it is to be a Spurs fan.

When Paul Greengrass, together with Kermode Awards winner Tom Hanks, was being interviewed by Simon about the film Captain Phillips, Tom great took pleasure in mention Spurs as often as he could - even though he is perhaps Aston Villa's most famous fan.

Greengrass' promise to make another Bourne film if Spurs finished in the top four of the Premiership table later came to pass.