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Wittertainment has a proud history of supporting charity, either the BBC's own charity Children In Need, or, more usually, Sport Relief (a spin-off from Comic Relief, which was set up by Richard Curtis).

The first charity donation from the programme recorded was when Slither was reviewed. In the context of the Nathan Fillion bug movie classic, Mark Kermode mentioned Society, the Brian Yuzna film - and encouraged people to go out and rent Society from their local video store (which is how people saw films at home back in 2005). Simon said that literally no-one would do this. Mark then bet Simon Mayo that they would, and Simon agreed to give £10 to Children In Need if anyone contacted the show to say that they had actually rented Society. A listener named Jack (unknown as to whether it was Jack Blackburn) did so immediately - describing it as “cracking gloopy ‘80s head-horror fun”, and forming part of a trinity of films hired for his evening's entertainment together with Confetti and A History Of Violence.

In 2008, Mark and Simon ran down the Box Office Top 10 while running around the quad at Eton (it was actually meant to be in Oxford, but the original movie crew couldn't get permission to film there) to raise money for Sport Relief. Simon infamously cheated by cutting the last corner. The rest of that week's reviews were carried out on the Victoria Derbyshire programme.

Later, there would be fencing.