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"The worst film ever to have been nominated for the Palm d'Or and possibly the worst film ever" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Post-apocalyptic LA with The Rock as an amnesiac action movie hero, Sarah Michelle Gellar as a porn star and Seann William Scott and Seann William Scott as the same policeman twice. The film makes even less sense that that sentence.

Immediately after it premiered in Cannes in 2006, Mark predicted it would never again be seen in that cut - the reception was so poor. And he was right - it was not until November 2007 that it appeared in the UK, in a substantially re-edited version - which still received universally bad reviews.

The film prompted Mark to suggest that director Richard Kelly (whose first film was the cult success Donnie Darko) was like The Vapours, who had a smash hit with Turning Japanese but then achieved nothing afterwards.

(For those sad enough to care, The Vapours' follow-ups to Turning Japanese were News at Ten and Jimmie Jones, both of which reached 44 in the UK charts, pop-pickers. Richard Kelly wrote Domino - "Totally heartless, vacuous, empty, noisy, shouty, headbanging" - and directed The Box in 2009, but has not been heard of since).