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AKA Dances With Smurfs, AKA Smurfs In Space, AKA Avatar.

The most successful film in the history of the world. In 3D.

The alternative title, of course, comes from the fact that it is the old story of outsider-Westerner-joins-nature-loving-native-tribe-and-comes-to-understand-their-culture-better-than-they-do-and-leads-fight-against-oppressive-culture-he-just-left-three-hours-ago. With blue people.

During his book tour to promote It's Only A Movie, Mark would take some actual Smurf puppets on a stick and dangle them in front of the audience singing "We are the Na'vi", a gag that was also later used in Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe end-of-year show. Since Kermode and Brooker had had something of a tiff the year before, Mark saw this as the "very highest compliment."

The film caused one listener (Dr Martin) to coin a new Wittertainment word - "wosh" - a combination of "wow" and "tosh".