Sir Anthony Hopkins

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Wales-born American actor of great renown. Subject of Mark's trailer voice, in which SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS is given full effect - to the extent that listeners wrote in requesting due warning so that they could bolt down various household items (lamps, tables, cats) that were otherwise being disturbed. Following complaints, Mark had to leave a pause so that Simon could say the words "Anthony Hopkins" when required on Mark's behalf during the Fracture review.

Hopkins has received mixed reviews over the years on Wittertainment. His portrayal of Richard Nixon in Nixon is highly praised by Mark - despite looking nothing like Nixon (unlike Mark), he got the mannerisms of the Devil exactly right. However his version of Hannibal Lecter - which won him an Oscar - is dismissed as being like a "pantomime dame" (Mark's definitive Lecter is Brian Cox in Manhunter).

More recent films have seen Hopkins mocked for his accent variances - particularly in films like Bobby and Fracture - when his Boston Irish tended to wander back towards the Welsh valleys like a river meandering through the Snowdonian lowlands.