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"There have been a lot of films recently that have a lot of torture in them. Those with Sienna Miller's performances for a start." - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

British actor whose perfect role was in Factory Girl playing Edie Sedgwick - a woman who was a clothes horse and blank canvas for Andy Warhol. Unfortunately her standard of acting is not always necessarily very high, as shown in Stardust and particularly in The Edge Of Love, the film that showed Ikea Knightley actually could act and Miller really couldn't.

After the retirement of the Ikea Knightley nickname, Mark Kermode sought a version as witty for Miller. Sea Anemone, Goodnight Sienna, Sienna Filler, It's Sienna The World As We Know It and This Means Nothing To Me, Oh Sienna were also suggested, but Sienna Miller Lite led the pack - although it was recognised that it was nothing like as good as Ikea.