Sex Lives Of The Potato Men

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"Objectively, the worst thing ever to happen to cinema" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

The subject of an early 5 Live rant, Sex Lives Of The Potato Men remains the low watermark until this day. Everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed.

Sex Lives Of The Potato Men was the overwhelming people's choice when, in 2006, Simon asked listeners to suggest movies that had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

John Woodward, former boss of the UK Film Council, was pressed by Simon about the existence of the film:

JOHN: It's a blue collar film. It's a film for the people who buy lottery tickets, to watch on a Friday night at the cinema. It's interesting how well it's done on DVD and video. It's a good, entertaining movie. Is it crude? Yes. Is it crude on purpose? Yes. Did it go down badly with the critics? Yes it did. But I'll tell you what, people have bought a lot of DVDs of it. And am I going to apologise for that? No I'm not.

SIMON: Is it funny?

JOHN: Yeah, I thought it was funny.

SIMON: Is it well written?

JOHN: Yep, it's well written.

SIMON: Right. So it's funny, it's well written. Is it well acted?

JOHN: Yep. You're narrowing it down to where the fault lines might be... yeah, I would say it's well acted.

SIMON: Is it well directed?

JOHN: Let's move on.