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In a remarkable case of "showing how the sausage gets made", the podcast often includes a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Good Doctors as they record the extra bits of dialogue that are used to join the clips for the following Saturday's Saturtainment. These consist of Simon expressing thoughts like "That was a very interesting interview. What's up next, Mark?" and Mark responding with "I'll be reviewing Bingety Bong, Thrimpety Thrump, and the obscure Korean indie horror movie: Doo-Bu Te Doo"

The level of professionalism with which these links are performed is, frankly, breathtaking. Reliably, they are able to record the 5-10 second inserts in no more than five or six attempts. And that's when they're speaking in English. They have been known to attempt them in Danish.

Saturday Links itself has become a feature with its own theme, sung to the tune of Blankety Blank.