Sandra Bullock

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Actor who Mark loves and is very funny in real life. She was particularly warmed to for having the good grace to come out after making Speed 2 and saying "You know what, we killed the franchise." Speed 2's predecessor, of course, is one of the greatest action films of all time. Bullock also produced Crash (the Sandra Bullock one) and won an Oscar for The Blind Side.

However, Bullock does keep letting Mark down with poor role choices - such as The Proposal, Two Weeks' Notice, A Time To Fall Asleep, Forces Of Nature, The Lake House, Miss Congeniality 2 and Hope Sinks - as Mark summed up, "dud after dud after dud after dud after dud."

Yet even she, at the mid-2000s peak of this run of dross, walked away from Prime after not being allowed to change the script. That's how bad Prime is.