Rise Of The Guardian

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Regrettably, Rise Of The Guardian is not a film depicting the growth of the UK's leading left-leaning newspaper from the stirs of anger that followed the Peterloo Massacre to the sort of crusading media giant that employs the likes of Paddy Considine (only to see him shot in the back at Waterloo station) and is the reason the George W Bush-like American President begins taking a more liberal view of the world in American Dreamz.

Instead, is simply a Box Office Top 10 misinterpretation of the title of Rise Of The Guardians - the film in which a bunch of mythical characters (the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, the Sandman, and oddly enough Santa Claus, which is weird because he isn't mythical but is totes real) team up Avengers-style to fight a bored Boogeyman. (The villain's name is spelled that way in the credits, though it is clearly a shameful misnomer - because someone called the "Boogeyman" sounds like he would be fun, rather than Jude Law reading a script with all the enthusiasm of a post-lunch Liam Neeson perusing the terms and conditions of Apple's latest software update.)

Aptly enough, Rise Of The Guardian came about as a result of a misprint.