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"If I was GP and somebody walked into my surgery and pitched Revolver, I would reach for the medicine cabinet; I would prescribe electro-shock therapy and leeches; I would have men in white coats take them away" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Sir Guy Ritchie's comeback movie after the disaster of Swept Away. It was the subject of much derision on release, not least from Mark, though listener Barry in Peterborough did try to defend it on air ("it was good as its own sort of movie") via the first-ever phone-in review. The rant is particularly notable for Mark's Madonna impression.

Guy Ritchie had been interviewed by Simon earlier in the week, noting the film required "a gestation period" to make sense to the critical community. Sadly for Guy, Mark's gestation period only gave birth to one of the most memorable of his early podcast rants.

While retrospectively reviewing it while discussing RocknRolla, Mark not only described Revolver as the ne plus ultra of really, really bad films, but also argued that there would be few worse films made in the 21st Century.