Renée Zellweger

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Star of Cold Mountain, Jerry Maguire and the Bridget Jones films, although whenever she makes an appearance the first thing Mark Kermode will point out about her is that she was in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, along with Matthew Mahogany. (Mahogany is seemingly happy to talk about this; Zellweger less so).

When Zellweger appeared in New In Town, Mark explained that he once found Zellweger quite good - being a fan of Jerry Maguire in particular - and wondered when it was that he had started to find her really annoying. He then realised it was when he had sat next to James King at a screening of a Zellweger film and James had said she always reminded him of "a hamster staring at the sun".

Mark's impression of Zellweger - "worrr ne worrrrrrrrrr ne worrr" - is not to be confused with that of Gwyneth Paltrow: "meeeeeemeeeemeeemeeeeeeeeee".

A listener wrote in that the same effect as the impression could be achieved by placing an old pair of wellington boots in a washing machine and put them on a low temperature delicates wash.

Zellweger dramatically changed her facial appearance through cosmetic surgery in 2015, to the point that she was almost unrecognisable prompting rumours that she had been recast and is now being played by someone else. How this will affect her movie career remains to be seen. She no longer resembles any kind of rodent, partially sighted or otherwise.