Radio silence

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On very, very rare occasions, the Wittertainment stops and there is complete silence. When this happens, Mark invariably makes a reference to the setup from the old Radio 1 days, where (according to him) after a silence of longer than 10 seconds, Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd would automatically start playing.

Radio silence has occurred on these occasions:

  • When Mark was proved to have been wrong about excluding Chris Columbus from the Top 10 Christmas movies
  • When Mark refused to explain the meaning of Lacanian
  • When Simon said that "well-brought-up children" would not find the Chuckle Brothers funny and Mark replied saying "my children love the Chuckle Brothers", and Simon replied, "exactly" (this silence triggered a lot of online discussion about how much Mark and Simon genuinely hated each other)
  • Following the clip for CHiPS