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The alternative name given to the disappointing follow up to the James Bond film Casino Royale, officially titled Quantum Of Solace. Acquired the name after a listener wrote in referencing the film by its initials (QoS) and Simon instinctively read "Question of Sport", as that is the initialism by which the once popular BBC sport panel show was known internally.

Mark also suggested Pond Of Wood and Fish Of Trees as alternative titles for the film, but it was Question Of Sport that stuck.

The film's actual title refers to the small amount (a quantum) of closure (solace) that James Bond is hoping for following the traumatic events of his previous film. The title was from an Ian Fleming short story written in 1960, the plot of which bares no resemblance to this film's. There was, however, a July 1982 episode of A Question of Sport which featured an enterprising French criminal working for a worldwide terrorist group who tried to convince Bill Beaumont to stock pile Bolivia's water supply for reasons of extortion which may have influenced the film's plot.

Both Mark and Simon were disappointed with film, especially after Casino Royale had been so good; indeed, Mark identified one of the key failings being that, while Casino Royale had really hurt, Question Of Sport was "like watching Teletubbies bouncing around in a padded cell." Also the plot made no sense, Simon actually having to phone Mark after the screening to ask him what it actually was. The theme song, Another Way To Die by Jack White and Alicia Keys, also came in for particular scorn (not helped by the fact that Jack White had been complaining about being referred to as a "rock pixie" on account of him wearing green at Glastonbury; Mark advised him to get a life); ultimately, Mark considered it even worse than Durran Durran's A View To A Kill.