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Dr Mayo's attempt at profiling a Wittertainee from the information that he had volunteered at the Rio Olympics and then was heading into the Amazon proved to be wildly inaccurate, much the same as Mystic Mark's predictions. The Wittertainee was not 23, he was from Maidenhead (but he had told us that in his missive to the show), he had not just left Surrey University, he had not studied French and literature, he had not just split up from a girlfriend named Lindsey. He was 40, he studied chemical and pharmaceutical science at Sunderland University many years ago.

On another occasion, while cueing up the clip for Question Of Sport without having heard it (it had been biked across London specially for for the show), Psychic Simon guessed that it would contain noise, crashes, and shouted dialogue. Instead it was a quiet scene with M.

On the other hand, during the release of XXX: The Next Level in 2005, Simon kept insisting that Vin Diesel would be back in the third part - despite Mark continually saying that Vin Diesel's character, Xander Cage, had been killed off in the franchise. Some 12 years later, Simon was proved right.