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A number of couples have been brought together via Wittertainment. Occasionally, people have gone one better and used the medium of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo talking about films to ask partners if they would, sort of, you know, maybe like to spend the rest of their life with them, sort of thing, if they could spare the time. Is it raining? I hadn't noticed.

In keeping with the occasionally shambolic nature of the programme, the first on-air marriage request was botched, although no fault could be attached to the Good Doctors because it was a week they were on compulsory family fun time and stand-ins Colin Murray and Andrew Collins were running things. Wittertainee Rob Perkins sent an email taking part in the Drop The Last Letter game at the end of which he asked his girlfriend, Jo Hill, to marry him, and asked if it could be read on air so that he could play the podcast to Jo as his way of popping the question. His Drop The Last Letter submissions were read out by Murray but the crucial proposal was not. Having seen his initial plan spoiled, Rob then emailed Collins separately and asked him to do it on the podcast Collins made (at the time) with Richard Herring. This he did, but in such a rude and inappropriate way (including Herring saying he would be a better husband than Rob, and asking Jo to marry him instead) that Rob declined to play it to Jo and decided just ask her himself. Happily she said yes.

Collins and Herring themselves then split up after an acrimonious show and did not talk to each other for five years. When eventually they were reunited on Herring's own Leicester Square comedy podcast in 2017, Rob got in touch to say he and Jo now had three children. So that's nice.