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The British satirical current affairs magazine. A favourite publication of Mark Kermode, who particularly enjoys reading it in the bath whilst drinking an ice cold Asahi beer (a mental image that will haunt many a Wittertainees nightmares for years to come).

Mark was referenced in 2008 in the magazine's It's Grim Up North London, in which Jez and Quinn talk about The Culture Show in the context of the then new BBC iPlayer. Quinn describes Mark as being "strangely beguiling in slow motion."

Then Private Eye 1442 (21 April - 4 May), the ongoing Heir Of Sorrows story referenced Kermode And Mayo Victorian cast iron bathtubs. A curious listener contacted the programme to ask how much they were financially benefitting from such a business.

According to Simon Mayo, his former Radio 1 colleague Peter Powell - who indirectly coined Beverly Hills Chihooahooa - once filled the entire Colemanballs himself.