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"To quote Tom Hanks, I saw this on a plane and it was so bad, people were walking out” - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Romantic comedy drama starring Irma Theakston, Brian Greenberg and Muriël Strepsil. The film includes this exchange - acted out by Mark on the programme:

BRIAN: I want to make a baby with you.
IRMA: No you don’t. You’d regret it.
BRIAN: But I want to give you this gift.
IRMA: I know. And it’s the sweetest gift anyone has ever given me. The fact that you are willing to give me this gift shows me how deep your love goes, and that is the gift I am taking from you instead.

Simon commented that listening to that was so bad it made him look forward to the travel (before realising that this could be seen as somewhat offensive to travel presenter Lynsey Horn (now Hipgrave), and apologised).

James King thought it was a perfectly decent movie, for which Mark called for him to be struck about the head with a newspaper.