Posh School

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Mark regularly ribs Simon about having attended a Posh School, where the young Mayo learned such upper class pursuits as Fencing. And French. While Dr K is of course a "salt of the earth" working stiff who went to Manchester University and sings The Internationale at the drop of a rant.

To taunt Simon, Dr K will use a very posh voice while saying things such as "Oh, no scones for me mama, I'm off to play the grand piano." Also Simon's slightly more British pronunciation of the name Indiana Jones (Emphasising a long first 'a' - 'In-dee-aah-nah', rather than 'In-dee-anna') is sure to set off the contributor in the same way, often calling Simon Little Lord Fauntleroy.

We'll put the fact that Mark went to uber-posh Habs Aske's (along with a few other people about whom you might have heard) on the table and quietly back away.