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Wittertainment was first issued as a podcast on 20 May 2005. This momentous programme featured only two new movie reviews - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith and What The Bleep Do We Know - but as one of them was a prime Kermodian rant, everything else was business as usual. (Technically, the first film reviewed was Seed Of Chucky as it was at number 10 in the Box Office Top 10 - "sadly it's not Bride Of Chucky". Kingdom Of Heaven was the number 1). The show also featured a competition to win what Simon described as a "very good Darth Vader helmet" and Mark described as a contradiction in terms.

According to Mark 47 people downloaded that first show, yet it still entered the podcast charts at number 2, behind the BBC's Beethoven Works.

Irish students in the 14-16 age bracket now get in their English textbooks a reference to the "brilliant podcast" in chapter on Film Studies. The authors originally cited it as being "incredibly brilliant" but this was reduced to merely "brilliant" by the editor.

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