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A listener named Courtney first advanced the theory that films advertised on phone boxes were universally poor, presumably due to a lower cost of advertising on them.

Mark disagreed with this theory on the grounds that Shaun Of The Dead was a phone box film. Listener Courtney argued, however, that that was an exception:

"Yes, Mark is correct that Shaun Of The Dead was advertised on phone boxes - but the difference is, the ads were about the phone boxes - ie the zombies were displayed using the phones inside the booth to reflect the everyday London nature of the film. They were actually designed for the medium, not just as a way of advertising a hopeless movie - I Want Candy or Licence To Wed, anyone. This theory is not to be confused with some other person's wrong theory about sides of buses. They are totally different mediums."

Mark struggled to think of another phone box film that was any good, but held that Shaun Of The Dead was his ace card.