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Peter Smith - like Nyder O'Leary, Ben in London and Martin in Old Portsmouth, Peter was a regular Wittertainment correspondent in the mid-2000s. He lived near an area of Prague in which a number of films were made and so was able to contribute behind-the-scenes gossip, not least about Terry Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm and Gilliam's torching of the lovingly-constructed sets.

Peter, who had a tiny bit-part in a TV mini-series from which he got to wear Bill Pullman's shirt, was the third person on the Hello to .... list (after Jason Isaacs and Oh Danny Boyle). Peter's moment of glory was perhaps a little spoiled by the fact that at that particular moment Mark was under the mistaken impression that he lived in Alaska.

Peter used the radvent calendar as his alarm clock, "sending me into my daily shower with a new sense of drive and purpose." However, when Mark yelled TURN THE LIGHTS ON during the The Da Vinci Code review it woke up Peter's girlfriend, who was sleeping in the next room. The fact that Peter's girlfriend therefore appeared not to spend her nights in the same room as Peter caused Simon to ponder as to nature of relationships formed by the Film Review Show's regular listeners.

Peter divulged in later correspondence that the aforementioned girlfriend was Chinese, and that he took her to see Die Hard Four Point Less as a revenge for making him eat rabbit head soup and fried offal. The girlfriend protested that "the Loud Radio Man says it's rubbish." The result was a long post-film silence broken when the girlfriend, whose glare Peter was trying to avoid, told him, "you see, you must listen to the Loud Radio Man."