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After Matthew Goode pulled out of a live interview to promote Leapy Ear (either because he was ashamed of the movie or because he considered lunch a better thing to do, depending on who you believe), it left a Matthew Goode-shaped hole in the Film Review Show. This was filled by a People's Box Office Top 10 - wherein listeners phoned in with their own verdicts on that week's Box Office Top 10 movies.

This meant that Simon had to read out the films that were in the top 10 that week in order that people know what to ring in and give their review of. Mark complained about this on the grounds it would undercut any tension. Simon was curious as to how much tension there actually was, but Mark pointed out he doesn't see it until he gets into the room. Simon agreed to read them in a random order, ending the bickering. The films were:

  1. Solomon Kane
  2. Avatar
  3. Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief
  4. The Wolf Man
  5. The Princess And The Frog
  6. Alvin And The Chipmunks
  7. Valentine's Day
  8. The Lovely Bones
  9. Invictus
  10. Astro Boy