Paul Andrew Williams

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Director of London To Brighton and Cherry Tree Lane who had a habit, each time one of his films came up for review, of contacting Wittertainment to let them know he was listening and was a big fan.

Sadly for him, this meant he was listening during the review of The Cottage.

After that review, Williams wrote an actual letter - "in an envelope and everything" - to Mark:

Dear Mark,

Just a quick note to say that even though our opinion differs on my film, I still have you down as one of the few genuine, uncynical critics in the business - and a credit to boot. I hope our paths cross at some point, as I really want to discuss south Devon; I'm from Teignmouth. Keep on being genuine, as I know you will be.

Much respect, Paul Andrew Williams, writer-director of The Cottage

After Simon had read the letter to Mark, Mark respectfully discussed the meaning of film reviewing, how praise was worthless without criticism, and how much he had admired London To Brighton and had compared it to Pat Barker's Blow Your House Down, which is not something he did lightly given the esteem in which he holds Barker. Simon then read out a listener email that ended with a cheap joke about how bad The Cottage was. Mark was not impressed.