Parent and Baby Cinema

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Dedicated screenings of films for parents to attend along with their progeny. Also known in some areas as The Big Scream, which should not to be confused with horror film screenings.

An addendum to the normal Moviegoers Code of Conduct exists specifically for Baby and Parent Cinema showings. This includes the following rules:

1. Nappy changing - wet ones can be changed within the confines of the cinema screen, but smelly ones should be done in outside in the dedicated by changing areas. This relies on the accurate identification of a "smelly" nappy within a, usually, dark room. If any doubt exists over the nature of the contents of said nappy, then the changer should assume it to be smelly and take the previously stated appropriate action.

2. Noisy children are generally ok, although this can ruin the mood, such a toddler giggling during a scene depicting an instance of The Unfortunate Event.

3. Get good seats with plenty of legroom. Bring a blanket and silent toys.

4. There should be no 3D parent and baby screenings. The light loss caused by wearing Three'd glasses is not conducive to monitoring the status/health/whereabouts of a baby/toddler.

5. Free silent snacks should be provided by the cinema, such as a brioche bun.

6. The late arrival rule is null and void at parent and baby showings, as arriving anywhere on time with a youngling is known to be a quixotic endeavour.

And always remember, nobody puts baby in the corner!