Nicolas the French Engineer

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Nicolas, The French Engineer/Studio Manager/Gallic treat/Executed Tsar impersonator. A glass of Cointreau is just out of shot.

Nicolas (pronounced Nicola), A.K.A. the French engineer and studio manager, is the Gallic treat/contingent of the People behind the glass and is occasionally pulled onto the show for three reasons.

1) To correct French pronunciation, such as "Microbe et Gasoil".

2) To provide the correct translation of a French word, or phrase, such as "Pont Neuf".

3) For Mark to make him say "humourous" phrases in a comically thick accent, such as "Literally a masterpiece that cannot be equaled, and ze bitter virtues of ORANGES. Ripened under the tropical sun". Mark seems to get a great amount of pleasure from this, some may say a little too much for his own good.

Mark has some difficulty pronouncing Nicolas' name correctly, instead referring to him as Nikolai. Mark blames this on the fact that he thinks he "looks a bit Russian" "like an executed Tsar" and that Nicolas "sounds feminine". In an act of defiance Nicolas calls Dr K "Marc" or "Markov".

Nicolas has also been the provider of custom sexy French accented ringtones, and subsequently he may well get his own show, entitled Nicholas' Naughty Half-hour.

Subsequently, he moved on to another BBC podcast called Beyond Today. He left the programme earlier this year, presumably to record his own show, create a rival to Wittr and rake in millions. Or not.