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Actor and Wittertainment listener who emailed in after Mark Kermode's review of The Other Boleyn Girl, in which he had raised a number of issues, including that of Boleyn having six fingers and therefore being accused of witchcraft. Dormer played Boleyn in the television show The Tudors (she signed her email "the other Anne Boleyn girl") and felt compelled to clarify things:

"The accusations that condemned Anne Boleyn were adultery, incest and conspiracy to murder the King. Henry's tendency towards self-delusion and self-pity had him allegedly grumbling at having been duped by witchcraft, but it was not a formal charge. Anne's enemies called her a witch, and tales of deformity are all part of the character assassination to associate witchcraft with the Protestant religion. There is no strong evidence that she was a polydactyl; but rather, a sympathetic biographer said she that had some little show of some extra nail on the side of one of her other fingers. Don't wish to bore you with a history lesson, but I know Kermode's need for authority is absolute. Could you say "hello" to me along with Morrissey and Isaacs today."

Despite her marvellously pleasant email, Dormer regrettably later appeared in W.E..