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While reviewing The Bath Job during the Worst. Week. Ever, Mark came to speculating about the word "naff", something he felt would have fitted the script perfectly. He pondered whether it had been invented by the sitcom Porridge as a way of being able to swear before the 9pm watershed.

After a spot of man looking up something on a computer, Simon Mayo enlightened listeners (and Mark) that while Porridge had indeed popularised the word, it had in fact originated in the 1950s gay subculture as a term for a heterosexual man. It was suggested that "naff" was an acronym (or more precisely a backronym) and Mark invited listeners to speculate on what the letters may have stood for. Simon immediately disinvited them.

Additionally, Simon's research revealed Princess Anne had once used the phrase "naff off" to photographers, prompting Mark to do a rather good impression of the Royal.

Both the costumes in Watchmen and the humour in Kingsman: The Golden Syrup have subsequently been referred to as "naff".