My Life In Ruins

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"Sorry, no laughing. Nothing. Nul. Nada. Niente. Niet. Nil puante" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5 Live

A Film Reviewed By Its Own Title - so obviously so that even its distributors spotted it before its release in the UK, changing it to Driving Aphrodite. Nia Vardalos tries to repeat the surprise success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding but makes something completely 100 percent laugh-free with all the characters drawn from the Observer Book Of Racial Stereotypes.

Mark Kermode found it particularly annoying that the film had established such a close relationship with the Greek Tourist Board that it bled through into the script - so that when someone stays in a poor-quality hostelry, they phone up their travel agent and say (as Mark paraphrased): "I can't believe that in a country that has so many splendid, well-priced hotels, you've managed to put me into a horrible one. How unlike all the other splendid, low-priced hotels that are easily accessible in Greece."

My Life In Ruins also has a character called Poupi Kakas. He has a brother called Doudi. That's the level we're at here.