Morgan Freeman

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Richly-voiced actor who completed a triology of ascending greatness by playing the US President (in Deep Impact), then God (in Bruce Almighty), and then David Attenborough (in March Of The Penguins).

Freeman's film career is studded with Wittertainment highs and lows. He is one of the two leads in The Shawshank Redemption, a film that Mark liked so much he wrote a book about it. But he also crops up in the likes of Unwanted, London Has Fallen and - oh dear - Driving Miss Daisy - although to be fair to Freeman, he himself seemed to know at the time how useless Driving Miss Daisy was, as he also had Glory out at the time but in press interviews would only talk about one of the films, and it wasn't the one in which he played a passive-aggressive chauffeur.