Meg Ryan is a helicopter pilot

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A phrase used by Mark to indicate a piece of improbable casting. Dating back to 'Courage Under Fire,' in which Meg Ryan played an unlikely role.


JAMES KING: Every now and then Keira Knightley comes in and says “hello, I’m Domino, I’m a bounty hunter” and you go, “no, you’re not.”
- SIMON: Is it like the problem Meg Ryan had when trying to persuade everyone she was a helicopter pilot?
- JAMES KING: Very similar.
-Domino (2005)

"Charlize Theron is a miner - I know, I don't believe it either" - North Country (2005)

"Liv Tyler is a psychotherapist? No you're not, you're Liv Tyler. The last time I saw you, you had elfin ears... it's like me saying I'm an astrophysicist" - Reign Over Me (2007)

"Anne Hathaway is Jane Austen. No, really." - Becoming Jane (2007)

""Oh I can't get a job" - Yes you can, you're Scarlett Johansson. You know what, ring Woody Allen - he's making another film. You are not a nanny" - The Devil Wears Nappies (2007)

"Tim Roth is a brilliant professor. Stop laughing at the back" - Youth Without Youth (2007)

"Number one - Kevin Costner is a serial killer. Well I don't believe that for a start. Number two - William Hurt is a voice in Kevin Costner's head. I don't believe that either. Number three - Demi Moore is a policewoman who is tracking down a serial killer... being pursued by someone she is divorcing and asking for millions of dollars. Now that's the bit that I believe." - Mr Brooks (2009)

"Kate Hudson is a high-powered lawyer? No." - Bride Wars (2009)

"Amy Adams is incredibly wet" - Julie And Julia (2009)

MARK: Jennifer Aniston - brilliant journalist, apparently. Absolutely up there with Woodward and Bernstein.
SIMON: I'm already thinking Meg Ryan is a helicopter pilot.
- Marley And Me (2009)

(Not one year later, Jennifer Aniston was one more a journalist - and once more channelling the spirit of Meg Ryan): "She's a journalist, and she comes into the office and shows no sign of ever having worked there. This is like the Meg Ryan is a fighter pilot thing." - The Bounty Hunter (2010)

"Renée Zellweger is a social worker. Meg Ryan is a helicopter pilot. Keanu-nu-nu Reeves is an architect." - Case 39 (2010)

MARK: Jennifer Lopez runs a pet shop? Yeah. Like Meg Ryan is a helicopter pilot, and Keanu Reeves is a famous architect.
SIMON: Or Buddha.
- The Back Up Plan (2010)

"Mark Wahlberg is a Professor of Literature? Really? You're going to have to work very hard to convince me of that" - The Gambler (2014)

"Daniel Radcliffe is an undercover neo-Nazi, right? Which immediately makes you go - 'yeah, and Meg Ryan is a helicopter pilot; Keanu Reeves is an architect; and Elijah Wood is a football hooligan. No.' Well actually - yes." - Imperium (2016)