Mark Radcliffe

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One half of Mark and Lard who famously so upset Mark Kermode - who used to do his film reviews on their show in the Radio 1 days - when he insisted Elvis was dead.

In 2009, Radcliffe stood in for Simon Mayo for an edition of Wittertainment from Headingley in Leeds. Sadly, there was no Elvis-related glory days banter because Andrew Collins was substituting for Mark. Radcliffe's tenure was somewhat spoiled by the enormously loud PA talking over the top of him, followed by an opera singer performing Nessun Dorma in the middle of the pitch.

Radcliffe has been a stand-in for Steve Wright on Radio 2, binning any letters which began Love the show Steve.

Mark Radcliffe actually coined the phrase "it's all gone Pete Tong", which would later become the title of a film that Mark didn't like very much.

Radcliffe now presents a show on 6 Music with Stuart Maconie.