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Former presenter of Front Row, Radio 4's arts review show (but not a flagship film programme, obviously). Lawson appeared on Wittertainment after he had wound Russell Crowe up by asking him if his Irish-sounding accent for Nottinghamshire-set Robin Hood was deliberate - putting Crowe into such a bad mood that when Mark and Simon interviewed him, he called Mark "you absolute EXPLETIVE DELETED".

Lawson also upset Mark by persisting in believing that the Good Doctor's second-favourite film (after The Exorcist, obvs) is Howard The Duck.

During the 12 means 12 controversy surrounding The Dark Knight, the two Marks were on opposite sides - Lawson putting the case that the certification was too soft in the Guardian.

Lawson pointed out that Mark often comes out of screenings and thinks everybody in the film needs to be slapped. Which was exactly what happened after seeing Two Lovers.