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The "real" doctor within the Good Doctors.

Mark J P Kermode (born Mark J P Fairey, 2 July 1963 - he changed to Kermode, his mother's maiden name, after his parents divorced) is a British film critic and a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. He is the chief film critic for The Observer, and a contributor to Kermode and Mayo's Film Review and Sight and Sound magazine. He also co-presents the BBC Two arts programme The Culture Show and discusses other branches of the arts for the BBC Two programme Newsnight Review. Kermode also writes and presents a film-related video blog for the BBC. Kermode is also a co-founder of The Dodge Brothers, a skiffle band. Previous bands include Russians Eat Bambi, who were the biggest band called Russians Eat Bambi in the Manchester area.


In his third book, Hatchet Job, Mark described himself thusly:

"I love Mary Poppins and Dougal And The Blue Cat, I hate talking in the cinema and substandard projection, I am overly forgiving of reprehensible seventies exploitation pictures, and overly judgemental of modern comedies for which I apparently have a tin ear. I love British skiffle and American jug band music and I once walked out of a radio broadcast because someone insulted Elvis. I have a stupid name and a stupid haircut, am slightly overweight, and apparently my voice can annoy people at fifty yards. I am given to repetition, and I am given to repetition. I once got shot at with Werner Herzog and told off by Helen Mirren. I am not related to Frank Kermode. In the eighties I was on the cover of the Manchester magazine Gay Life. I used to play bass in the house band for Danny Baker's TV show After All. I (still) think The Exorcist is the greatest movie ever made."

Mark is not the President of the ATP Tour.

It has recently come to light that one of Dr K's absolutely favourite things is to take a very hot bath whilst reading Private Eye and drinking an ice cold Asahi beer (other hop based, brewed beverages are available).

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