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Welcome to Witterpedia

This site is dedicated to the in-jokes and recurrent themes present in the Kermode and Mayo's Film Review show, which broadcasted on Fridays on BBC Radio 5 Live. The show ran on the station between 2001 and 2022, and Mark and Simon built up a complex web of related stories, tropes and quirks that may seem daunting to the first time listener.

We are awaiting the next iteration of Wittertainment when Kermode and Mayo's Take podcast launches. For more info on this new venture see here.

If you are a long time listener / first time wiki-user, please use the search bar to find a phrase of interest. To see everything, click here for a list of the pages in the wiki.

To go to the official BBC Radio 5 Live website for the show click here


If you've found this page, you must take your Wittertainment seriously. You probably reject crinkly sweet wrappers and always sit to the end of the credits. You're our kind of person. However, some roguish types would like to use this site to advertise Russian medicines, genuine Rolex watches and dubious financial products. To keep these at bay, we ask you to confirm that you are a genuine member of the church by emailing us or sending us a tweet telling us what you love about the show. Then we'll add you to the special group of users who can edit and create new pages. Please email or tweet us at @witterpedia_net. We look forward to welcoming you into Editors' Undercroft.

Love the show Steve.