Made Of Honor

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"At the end, you're meant to feel happy that she ends up with Patrick Dempsey. I would have felt happier if small nuclear war had broken out" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

A film that annoyed Mark Kermode with its meaningless title (how can something be made of honor?) and went downhill from there. Mark offered Simon the choice that Michelle Monaghan is faced with in the film - of marrying Patrick Dempsey or Kevin McKidd - although Simon preferred not marry either.

The real surprise was that when Patrick Dempsey became the maid of honor, the family didn't stick his head on a pole and throw it in the Atlantic, which Mark felt would have improved the film immensely.

The review was also notable for Mark's impression of a football personality, in this case Lawrie McMenemy and his old ads for Barbican lager. Much as McMenemy had declared that Barbican was brewed like a real lager, but then they take all the alcohol oot, Made Of Honor is "brewed like a true wedding movie, and then they take all the gags out."