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Listeners to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's film reviews on BBC Radio 5 Live frequently end their correspondence with "Love the show, Steve". It is a reference to a feature of Steve Wright's radio show where he reads out letters from listeners. Almost all feature the phrase "Love the show". It is not clear whether listeners include it to ensure Wright will read the letters or if he adds it himself.

Other Radio 2 presenters have parodied it: Terry Wogan bemoans the lack of such encouragement in his correspondence, occasionally reading listeners' letters which say "Love Steve Wright's show", while listeners of Chris Evans once added "Love the snow" to messages. During a stint sitting in for Wright, Mark Radcliffe jokingly told off listeners who started messages by saying how much they loved the show, supposedly screwing up their letters.

Overnight presenter Alex Lester's listeners now end their correspondence with "Love the shoe".

Simon first made reference to it when listener Rosemary Conners in Philadelphia emailed in to share her love for Black And White Documentary About Liverpool, adding "Our country could never pull off such a thoughtful programme as yours." Simon added, "that's addressed to Steve Wright In The Afternoon."

An alternative etymology for this has also been put forward in reference to an interview Simon had with Helen Mirren where she got his name wrong and either started by, or ended up by saying “Love the show Steve”. There may be a certain ambivalence from Dame Helen towards the show ever since Mark described her film The Queen as being televisual.