Liam Neeson

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Irish actor who once was nominated for Oscars for work like Schindler's List, who has now redefined his career in B-movie action schlock.

The first film that indicated this dramatic career left turn was Taken, for which Simon interviewed him - having previously found him charming during chats about Kinsey and Michael Collins. This time Neeson was somewhat less enthusiastic about the work, to the extent that his own name sounded like "Rmmemm Hrreesmmm." (Compare: Wargle argle fargle dragon.)

Simon charitably suggested that the reason for Liam's less than loquacious turn was because he had had a big lunch. We all know the real reason - he had seen the future and was already dead inside.

The Grey was known to Mark Kermode as Liam Neeson: Wolf Puncher. He liked it rather a lot.