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At the first ever Live Wittertainment at the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds on 20 March 2009, members of the audience gave their views on the films in the Box Office Top 10 that week:

10) Bronson - reviewed by Joe from Leeds (when pressed, Garforth) - "it was very good: it hasn't tried to exploit the violence and it hasn't tried to glorify him in any way. They said they weren't trying to make a film campaigning for his release - they were trying to say, if he had found art earlier on his life, would he have expressed himself in the way he did?"

9) Hotel For Dogs - reviewed by Mike from Swindon - "took the children at half term; absolutely loved it. Really entertaining. Funny; brought a tear to the eye at the end. So a good movie. Almost as good as Toy Story, definitely". Mike's wife (who did not give her name) added - "it's simple. There's a hotel; there's some dogs. That's it."

8) The Unborn - nobody could be bothered, so Mark Kermode did it - "The Unseen, I think we'll have to call it."

7) Confessions Of A Shopaholic - reviewed by Frankie from Headingley - "it wasn't devastatingly bad."

6) Bolt - reviewed by Tom from Leeds - "I've seen 3D films before, and this was by far the best."

5) The Young Victoria - reviewed by Andrew from Chapel Halton - "There were good central performances by the two lead characters, the sets were nice, the outfits were nice - but I found it stopped early, really. It just seemed to peter out, and the rest of her life seemed to disappear."

4) Slumdog Squarepants - reviewed by Will from Rawton - "I just thought it was absolutely amazing. But we went to see Benjamin Button a few weeks afterwards, and when we came out a friend of mine turned to me and said, 'well, that was so much better than Slumdog Millionaire'." (To which Mark replied, "NO! I hope you cut them off immediately and you're no longer seeing them.")

3) Gran Torino - reviewed by Chris from Nottingham - "I enjoyed it - I felt it was a bit Dirty Harry meets Victor Meldrew meets High Noon. But I got tired of his constant growling, which reminded me of an old Datsun I used to own."

2) Watchmen - reviewed by Neil from Leeds - "I had a friend who came along for the gratuitous nudity, and was disappointed to find out that it was all Dr Manhattan."

1) Marley And Me - reviewed by Michael from Liverpool - "It plays on the heartstrings of dog owners. I do have to admit I did cry at the end. But I hated myself for it."