Leapy Ear

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“One of the least fun things I have done in living memory” – Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Ireland-set romcom starring Matthew Goode and Amy Adams. Mark was able to explain the entire plot, apart from the last 12 minutes, from scenes shown in the trailer.

There was one laugh, which was the use of the word "poo." Twice.

The film was so poor that Goode declined to appear on Wittertainment, despite having been booked. The good Doctors suggested it was because he was enjoying some lunch. The Matthew Goode-shaped hole left in the programme was filled, for the first time ever, by a People's Box Office Top 10.

Leapy Ear's Wittertainment name arose from its Sides of buses advertising, which a listener (Ian Firmline in Glasgow) noted had merged the two words of the title together.