Last projectionist standing

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Dave Norris with other friend of the show Jason Isaacs (Dave is the one on the left).

With over 30 years of service as a projectionist, ending up as the projection manager of The Empire Leicester Square, Dave Norris was given the title of "Last Projectionist Standing" by his peers.

The term "last projectionist standing", as applied to Mr Norris, was initially coined by his colleague John Sharp at a leaving party for a co-worker. Dave was left as the only one of the original ‘old school’ projectionists in Leicester Square, due to retirement and redundancy. “You’re the only one left now” John Sharp quipped, “Last man standing?” Dave replied, “Last projectionist standing” John came back with. This phrase was quickly picked up, initially by Dave's friend Tommy Pearson, and then by those in the know, including Dr Kermode, when referring to Mr Norris.

Mark used the phrase in the acknowledgment’s of his book ‘The Good The Bad & The Multiplex’, which Dave Norris contributed to (he has also been mentioned in 'Hatchet Job' as well writing a section for The Movie Doctors book), and Dr K continues to refer to him in this way when waxing lyrically about the lack of care and attention applied to the quality of projection within todays digitally automated multiplexes.

Mr Norris' expertise has also been called upon during a number of appearances in Mark's vid-cast 'Kermode uncut', including providing his opinion on the new laser 3D projection technology and the number of foot-lamberts it was capable of.