Last Days

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"Suicide-glorifying, navel-gazing garbage" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Gus Van Sant film about the last days of Kurt Cobain. Mark found watching the covers being put on and taken off at the Oval during the last Test of the 2005 Ashes more entertaining. The only way Mark had been able to follow the mumbling dialogue was by watching it with French subtitles and then translating them back into English; regrettably, with dialogue like "I can't make macaroni cheese," it wasn't really worth the effort.

Mark also described Michael Pitt's performance as like "somebody putting a plastic bag over their head until the point of almost losing consciousness, and then wandering in front of the camera." One measurement of how terrible the film was, was that Mark would rather watch Exorcist II: The Heretic than Last Days; he ranked it as worse than Revolver - and therefore worse than Sex Lives Of The Potato Men (which Revolver was said to be on a par with), which had previously been described as "objectively, the worst thing ever to happen to cinema."

Even Doctor M joined in, saying that his four-minute interview with Pitt had been three minutes too long.

The Guardian gave it five stars.