Kingsman: The Golden Syrup

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Officially Kingsman: The Golden Circle, this was the sequel to Kingsman. Kingsman was a film which Mark Kermode had rather liked, aside from the ending, which - as he delicately put it - was a "bum note". This time around, there was a lot more of the "lad" humour, to the extent that Mark pointed out that if Michael Bay had done those things, he would never have forgiven him. Since Mark is often criticised for going easier on directors he likes than those he doesn't, he stressed that as a result, the humour was just as unforgivable here.

The film also suffered from the fact it resurrected a clearly very dead Colin Firth, which removed all the sense of jeopardy that the first one had, since if deceased characters can just be brought back to life, there really isn't anything to worry about. On top of that, it was all a bit naff.