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While in for an interview for Recount (a film about the disputed 2000 US Presidential election, in pre-Trumplesome times) Kevin Spacey - as other actors have done - joined in with the Box Office Top 10 countdown. Whereas most other times have been less than memorable due to reasons of being afraid to alienate someone they may have to work with in the future (in the words of Toby Jones, "watch my career go down in flames? No thanks"), Spacey was splendidly candid.

10) Disaster Movie - "The original title for Recount."

9) The Pineapple Express - "Not nearly as good as Watermelon Tunnel."

8) The Duchess - KEVIN: "I have nothing to say" MARK: "Where do you stand on Keira Knightley?" KEVIN: "I'd stand on her any time... what?"

7) The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - "I haven't seen it, but I have seen The Girl In My Pyjamas."

6) The Women - "Maybe Meg Ryan hasn't had enough injections of good roles lately."

5) Mamma Mia - "Mamma Mia: Now. And Forever."

4) Death Race -

KEVIN: "I don't like films with lingering violence."
MARK: "Where do you stand on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?"
KEVIN: "I run it like a nightlight. Like a loop."
MARK: "It's a masterpiece, isn't it."
KEVIN: "I can't say 'masterpiece' like you do - every week."

3) Wrongteous Kill -

KEVIN AS AL PACINO: "Ahw... Ahw... Lot of money though."
MARK: "But it didn't take a lot."
KEVIN: "I mean, that they paid me."

2) Taken - "Look, I like Liam Neeson. I'm not sure I'll be rushing out."

1) Tropic Thunder - "Isn't Tom Cruise in this movie?"