Kermodian Rhapsody

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The opposite of a Kermodian rant, and is where Mark will wax lyrical about a film he finds to be worthy of much praise. Coined on 26 August 2016 for Pedro Almodóvar's film Julieta.

Occasionally comes in the form of a Kermodian sentence.

Although the phrase was not coined until Wittertainment's 15th year, there have of course been many Kermodian rhapsodies during that time. Sometimes Mark is so into the film he forgets to mention its name, for which he has been told off.

The championing of films like Black And White Documentary About Liverpool or Bug raises their profile and is, it is argued, actually the only way a film critic can affect a film's box office. When Mark names something like this as Movie of the Week, Simon Mayo will often ask for something "for everyone else." (When Simon wanted Body Of Lies to be Movie of the Week rather than Waltz With Bashir, Jason Isaacs emailed and told him off).

Subjects of Kermodian Rhapsodies have included:

  • Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005)