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Newsreader during many episodes of Wittertainment. On occasion - such as during the Mamma Mia review - she laughed so much she was incapable of actually doing her job.

Green told Mark that he was wrong about both Spider-Man 3 ("great!") and that "vanilla" was a phrase for extra-free DVDs ("you're making it up"). The listeners proved Mark right on both counts. She was also mocking of Mark's take on High School Musical 3, pointing out that if he cried at that then his opinion really wasn't worth very much.

It was Green who, while at the premiere of the Sleuth remake - at which she met Sir Ken Chuckles Branagh and Michael Caine - discovered that the latter had a "stalker-like knowledge" of the podcast.

Green was a big fan of the book of PS I Love You (Everyone Else Thinks You Stink).

When there was an argument over whether Mark's upsums in the Box Office Top 10 run-down counted as reviews in themselves, Mark addressed Justine as "third party". Simon told him off for this.

The structure of the hour on 5 Live is that there are two bulletins read by the newsreader, one at the top of the hour - which must happen bang on the dot (unless there is a commentary) and then one around the half past mark, although this one is flexible and vulnerable to being shunted back in the case of an excess of wittering. On one occasion, to signal that she really wanted the half past news to begin on time, Justine entered the studio with her coat on. Mark, however, failed to take this cue and instead wasted more time by asking Justine why she was wearing her coat ("it's not about the temperature, it's about the time") and then asking how long they could push it until it was inconvenient, to which she replied, "it already is."